Fund Management

Fees structure for PMSM Program: The maximum approximate fee for PMSM Program is BDT. 91,000 (Ninety one Thousand only) (except pre-requisite courses). A breakdown of this fee is presented in Table 5. The cost structure, nevertheless, would be adjusted time to time based on inflationary adjustment subjected to the approval of the Academic Committee of the Department of Mathematics, JU and the Syndicate of this University.

Table 5: Sources of Fund

Item(s)Per Semester/Course (BDT)Total Cost (BDT)
Admission Fee12,000
Seminar Library Fee1,000
Seminar Fee(10,000*3)10,00030,000
Course Fee(2,000*24)2,00048,000
Three semester (30,000 + 30,000 + 31,000)