Course Assessment

  1. For the purpose of assessment, 100 marks shall be assigned to each of the three credit hours course.
  2. Assessment of a student in a course shall be based on marks obtained in the course end examination (written) and course work. Marks allotted for a course work shall be 40% of the total marks of each course while marks allocated for the course end examination (written) shall be 60% of the total marks.
  3. Course work:
    Coursework shall consist of written tests, viva-voce, quizzes, participation in class, presentation, discussion, assignments, etc.
  4. Trimester-end examination:
    Each course-end examination will be held at the end of each trimester and the duration of the course -end examinations shall be 3 hours for each course. If necessary PCC will scrutinize examination script.
  5. Grading System:
    The total numerical marks obtained by a student will be converted into letter grades. The UGC grading system will be followed to evaluate the course performance.
    Table 4: Grading Structure

    Conversion PointLetter GradeGrade Point
    75-less than 80A3.75
    70-less than 75A-3.50
    65-less than 70B+3.25
    60-less than 65B3.00
    55-less than 60B-2.75
    50-less than 55C+2.50
    45-less than 50C2.25
    40-less than 45D2.00
    Below 40F00

Qualifying marks
If any candidate obtains less than ā€œDā€ grade in the combined evaluation of course-end examination and assessment of class work or s/he remains absent in course-end examination, her/his course shall be treated as incomplete and s/he will get a chance to participate in the next available examination on that course.