Academic Program

The PMSM Program requires each student to complete a minimum of 8 courses and each of the courses will carry 3 credit hours. A student shall take 3 courses (no less than two courses) from all the courses offered in a trimester. It is to be noted here that all the courses may not be offered at every trimester. Minimum number of students should be 35 to have a course offered to them. There will be three trimesters in an academic year

Trimester namePeriod
SpringJanuary - April
SummerMay - August
FallSeptember - December

Degree Requirements:

  1. The degree will be awarded after the successful completion of a minimum of 8 courses (24 credit hours).
  2. Passing of all the courses individually by getting at least ā€œDā€ grade and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.5.